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&:What is one of your roleplay pet peeves?

(Honestly I think this is the only one so far..)

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"Dear? Are you feeling better?" The dragon asked her.

"Yeah, a little bit"

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» Askbox-meme/Mun only - Send me and I will answer. #1
!: Describe the worst roleplay you've had.
@: Describe the best roleplay you've had.
#: What was the best fandom you roleplayed in?
$: Who is/are your favourite roleplay partner(s)?
%: Who is your favourite character to roleplay with (regardless of the mun behind the muse)?
^: Who do you dream to roleplay with and what would you roleplay with them?
&: What is one of your roleplay pet peeves?
*: Which roleplay blogs that you follow are your favourites?
+: Do you prefer roleplaying with the same or with the opposite sex? Why?
=: How many hours a day do you spend roleplaying?
~: Would you be able to get along with your muse?
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» (May spend time on Personal Blog)

(Spark is kind of gone…may go on Hiatus)

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» (OMG a Wind Waker Link!)

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» Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!
♡: Your narration
♥: Your dialogue
❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
❣: Your descriptions
❦: Your details
❧: Your plots
✽: Your ideas
✿: Your characterization
❁: There's good sentence variation!
✤: Your figurative language
❋: Your use of side characters
☆: Your understandablity
☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______
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» Send Me a Ship and I shall respond with a gif
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» Send me (BLUSH) If your muse dreams of having a romantic relationship with mine.
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